Sophie’s first rock-climbing trip

We’re going to Joshua Tree tomorrow, to join a group of friends who are rock-climbing for the weekend. I packed my climbing shoes & harness, but couldn’t even find my belay device or slings or biners. Instead of the basic rock-climbing gear that I used to carry, here’s what I packed this time:

  • Sophie’s ukulele
  • Sophie’s bike and helmet
  • Sophie’s pail, shovel, and dump-truck
  • Sophie’s foam airplane (it flies surprisingly well)
  • Sophie’s favorite (and most dirty) doll
  • brownies
  • whipped cream
  • hot chocolate
  • more cozy fleece clothes than Sophie can possibly wear
  • and more kids’ CDs than we can possibly listen to in the car, even though it is 3 hours each way.

This will be slightly different than the rock-climbing weekends I used to have before Sophie was born.

This will also be slightly different than the car-camping trips I went on with Ben & Sophie when she was only crawling.

We are driving up with a friend, so at least there will be someone to pass Sophie her toys & drinks & snacks in the car — but this happens to be a friend who isn’t comfortable around kids. She has assured me, though, that she can tolerate listening to Hullabaloo.

Sophie has started rehearsing by turning her bedsheet into a tent.

I am excited to have a weekend in the desert and with other adults. I might even get to climb while I’m there.


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