Wednesday evening, Sophie told me, “I hit Maci.”

Now, I’m not sure that Sophie knows what “hit” means. Like all two-year-olds, she’s an unreliable witness. Still, I said, “Hitting is no good. Did you say sorry?”

Sophie looked remorseful. “Call Maci!” she said. She grabbed my phone. “Momma, call Maci!”

“Honey, I don’t have Maci’s phone number. But here’s what we can do: we can write Maci a note.” So we got out Sophie’s coloring paper, folded it into a notecard, and colored it. I wrote down what Sophie dictated: “Dear Maci, sorry for hitting! Love, Sophie.” This is Sophie’s first-ever note. Sophie drew her own squiggle embellishments.

Thursday morning, I reminded Sophie to carry her card to daycare. She carefully presented it to Maci, and said, “No more hitting.”

It was the sweetest thing to watch.

Daycare teacher confirmed that, indeed, Sophie had been feisty on Wednesday and had hit Maci. Sophie had been put in time-out, of course, and had said sorry, of course — Daycare Teacher wanted me to know that she had dealt with the hitting when it happened. Still, I’m delighted that Sophie still felt sorry hours later, and recognized that she could write her feelings down.

Of course, she’s not yet an angel. Thursday evening she told me that she wanted to get her picture back from Maci.


One response to “Remorse

  1. amysilverman

    can’t wait to hear how the rock climbing trip went!

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