Ten Days to Go

Sophie and I had a too-busy weekend. Aquarium, Hullabaloo concert, birthday party, playgrounds… On top of all that rushing about to kids’ activities, Sophie didn’t sleep well at night. She was up for two-hour stretches at a time, every night for the last three nights. If there were 2 parents around, the one who did the night-time parenting could at least sleep in, each morning. But there’s only me and I am exhausted.

I went walking on the beach by myself on Sunday morning, taking a much-needed sanity-break while our neighbor watched Sophie — and I looked so sad that a total stranger told me she would pray for me.

Ben will be home in 10 days, and then we’ll have the new adventure of re-adjusting to life together, after this latest 2-month absence. Ben has missed a total of 5 months of Sophie’s life, since she’s been born, for his various adventurous trips. I am starting to get very very angry about this.


One response to “Ten Days to Go

  1. amysilverman

    The line about the stranger on the beach definitely falls into the “you can’t make this stuff up” category. Wow. I will state the obvious: You need a break! Where are you going to go when Ben gets home? (I don’t mean you’ll rush out the door as soon as he lands, of course….) I find that whole thing is one more way of keeping important balance. I’d say come to Phoenix but it’s going to be 104 today. Someday Sophie and Annabelle and I will come run on the beach with you and Sophie.

    The possum. I’m speechless. We had a Caddyshack-like experience last year that ended with a rat with a BB between his (her?) eyes. But that was Ray, not me. I’m in awe.

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