Hello Balloon Man

Sophie is obsessed with Hullabaloo, a kids’ band that she calls “Hello Balloon.”

Whenever we get in the car, she wants to hear Hullabaloo. Not even their whole CD: just the first five songs, again and again. Whenever I play a CD at home, she wants it to be Hullabaloo. And whenever I turn on the computer, this is what she wants to see:

So I face every parent’s dilemma: do I feed this obsession, or starve it?

This morning she asked me to get down her ukulele so she could play along with Hullabaloo man. How could I not encourage that? So I looked up their next local concert (yes, they’re a local band), and took her to it. It was their new CD release party, in downtown San Diego, and while she was there she got a signed poster that is now going to be hanging above her bed.

I could conceivably take her to 3 Hullabaloo Concerts this week. But I don’t think I’m that obsessed, at least not yet. Still, I can’t get these songs out of my head.


One response to “Hello Balloon Man

  1. celochick

    Be thankful it’s not playhouse disney that she wants to hear! I might have to look for this cd. Where can I find it? It’s pretty catchy and I can imagine O&S dancing to it. Right now, they’re downstairs with D watching “Shawn the Sheep” (I think D likes it more than they do).

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