Sophie’s Haikus

I have become That Mom who thinks that everything my toddler says is so darned cute. I used to be irritated by That Mom, but now, I am her. Such is motherhood.

Really, though, Sophie keeps saying cute things. They’re haikus, almost.

Walking up our street, she was remembering a walk three days earlier with her best friend:

Mila has flip-flops.

Mila has flip-flops.

I have crocs.

I wanna hold Mila’s hand.

See what I mean? It’s poetry. It’s great that Sophie can now communicate her own independent thoughts.

Here’s another, announced while eating tamales:

Yummy Dat.

Thank you Mommy.

I am welcome. I am welcome!

Finally, here’s what she said last night, during our Night-Night Walk. (Yes, Sophie has managed to persuade me to replace night-time story-reading with a night-time walk outside, watching dusk fall on our neighborhood, and disussing the moon.)

The moon gets big

Then the moon gets small

Because the moon poops.

But who cleans up the moon’s poop?

Maybe a star cleans up the poop.

Maybe a baby, in the moon.

Yes, maybe a baby in the moon

Cleans up the moon’s poop.


One response to “Sophie’s Haikus

  1. Haha, sounds like you have a little genius on your hands. They’re the best at this age because it’s amazing to see them learn new things and apply them.

    BTW, she seems like a budding health person in the making (preferring walks and fresh air to sleeping).

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