Cathedral versus tow-truck

Here’s Sophie’s haircut. Even though I watch her every day, I am still bewildered at how quickly she is growing up.

Here are more of Ben’s fabulous photos of the other wonders around us.

My caption to this is simple: we took our current houseguest out to Ely to see the cathedral.

Sophie’s description is more fascinating:

“I go to big church. I run away Momma. I laugh. I did the tunnel by myself. Bees, bees, go away. Momma chases bees. Car boo-boo tow-truck momma kiss it?”


Did she really notice the tow-truck outside more than the fabulous vaulted ceiling inside? Or does she just lack the vocabulary to say there was a fabulous vaulted ceiling?


I hope she noticed something more than the playground rope-tunnel, the bees, and the tow-truck. She does keep asking me, now, to take her to see more churches.




5 responses to “Cathedral versus tow-truck

  1. e961

    Absolutely amazing photographs of Sophie and Ely. These may be the best church photographs I’ve seen, but then I’ve heard the cathedral at Ely is spectacular even among cathedrals in Europe. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. jollyllama

    Hi Elaine,

    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve been following your blog for the last 8 months or so and I really enjoy it. It’s been a long time since New Haven. Remember GOBY? Or when you helped Heather and I plan out our bicycle trip down the PCH? I’m glad I know you.


    • elewinnek

      Dave, I’m honored that you’re one of my readers — and I’m looking forward to eventually meeting your new (not so new, by now) little one, too.

  3. celochick

    I am looking at the photo of Sophie and realize that she, too, is no longer the little baby she was when she left! I look at pictures of our girls and am constantly amazed at how quickly they are growing up! Thankfully, they both still treasure “Mommy-Time” albeit usually when I am trying to fix dinner or do some other important task. You’ll be home soon and it will be good to be home. Have a safe trip across the pond!


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