I’ll get more Sophie photos up soon, I promise. But for now, this is what I have to share.

I went to Edinburgh last weekend. Hiked up to Arthur’s Seat, wandered along the Royal Mile, found an amazingly cozy tea-shop in one of the amazingly-beautiful alleys, explored the castle, chatted in the hostel ($18 for a night’s lodging in the center of downtown!), wandered the Scottish Gallery, and tired out my leg-muscles on all those stairs, after all the flatness around Cambridge.




Most of all, I enjoyed the 5-hour train ride all by myself, with nothing to do but read and watch the landscape, with no toddler to worry about keeping fed & entertained & quiet. It was blissful to be able to spend a European weekend at my own pace, not a 2-year-old’s pace. It was also lonely. I missed my babies, Ben & Sophie. But I enjoyed this gorgeous city, too.

Now I am longing to go on some real hikes, alone — but I am also longing to spend more time with friends, and more time doing my real teaching work, so I suppose there’s no satisfying me. For now, though, I’m glad I saw Edinburgh. I’m glad I got a chance to remember the times I used to travel a lot, and remember also why I like being at home.


One response to “Edinburgh

  1. amysilverman

    thank you for this post! first of all, before i forget, i can’t believe how grown up (and of course beautiful) your sophie is in the photo above! but i have to go to back to edinburgh — i spent a really great weekend there a million (ok, more like twenty) years ago during my time abroad in college. i marched up to a classmate i hadn’t met — we were both in the vegetable aisle at sainsbury’s — and introduced myself and asked if she’d be doing any traveling. she invited me along to edinburgh. it was the turning point of what started as a truly rotten semester, and an amazing city i’ll never forget. see — and you wonder why i’m cranky about having to camp in boring old yosemite?!

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