Two days till UK

Sophie keeps spontaneously bursting into tears and proclaiming, “I want Daddy.” I don’t know how to explain to her that we’ve made it through six weeks, now we only have to wait two more days plus one long plane ride. She’ll figure it out, eventually, but these last few days are tough.

I packed our clothes, toys, raingear, warm gear, cell-phone charger, toothbrush-charger, airplane activities, passports, airplane food, and more, and now I’m letting it sit for a few days while I think about what to omit or add. It’s pretty much how I used to deal with writing assignments at school, too: draft, mull, edit. I listed everything that needs to go in at the last minute, like Sophie’s bibs and my toothbrush. Then last night I went to a fcaulty party, where people asked me whether I’d be able to get any of my own work done this summer. And I realized that I’d forgotten to pack my own books and notes and stuff I need to complete my manuscript. Clearly, my priorities are not in order.

It was hard to find a babysitter so that I could go to that faculty party. Eleven-year-old Katie offered to sit, but Katie also had a soccer game. She thought she could take Soph to her soccer game, play soccer, then bring Soph home for dinner and bed. I couldn’t find any better option, so I let Katie attempt this craziness. I dropped Soph off, wearing her adorable little backpack, filled with snacks and small toys. I left Sophie crying at Katie’s house.

Surprisingly, it turns out, Sophie had a fabulous time. She loves Katie, loves soccer-balls, loves cheering, and loves being doted on by eleven-year-old girls. I don’t know now why I was scared of the whole set-up. Sophie spent the game in the stands, munching on cantaloupe while being tickled with kisses from Katie’s mom, who now wants to start her own nannying business, because she had so much fun with Sophie. Throughout the game, Sophie kept shouting “Go girls go!” and waving wildly every time she spotted Katie. The whole team wanted to hug her at the end of the game. She ran around the soccer field after the game was over, practiced kicking the ball that is almost one-third of her size, and came home so happily tired that she went to sleep without her blankie. 

She slept till 7 this morning (late for her), and woke up saying, “I want Katie. I kicked the ball. Go Katie go! Go Katie go!”


One response to “Two days till UK

  1. celochick

    Yay for 11- year olds! Maybe you’ll have one sitting next to you on the flight who is cute and kind! Best of luck and just think of all the adventures you’ll have.

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