Searching for her airplane

I looked around at Sophie’s birthday party and realized I couldn’t see Sophie. I found her in her bedroom, asking Mila’s mother to help her find the airplane that would take Sophie to see her Daddy.

They were looking in her toybox.

This is the peril of telling a 2-year-old, “First you’ll have a birthday, then we’ll get on an airplane.” It kinda breaks my heart. There is no good way to communicate, “Two more weeks,” other than to just keep on hugging Sophie, and to keep her days full of other delights.

Sophie hasn’t asked me to search for this airplane yet. I hope she still trusts me and knows the plane is coming. Mostly, right now, Sophie and I are both exhausted from her wonderful party.

Somehow I have too much leftover beer: I must have failed to offer it to all my guests. Ben is such a great party co-host; we missed him yesterday even more than usual. Our house is now full of sinking helium balloons and more cupcakes than Sophie and I can possibly eat, and these are signs, I think, that it was a good party.

The food at this year’s party wasn’t as great as last year’s. I chose a ball theme, so all the food was round, but I should have known that it is not wise to leave a bowl of colorful gumdrops where children can reach it, very quickly overdosing on flavored sugar. It is also not wise to mix beautiful round mozzarella-balls into pasta salad when the pasta is still hot: that really doesn’t look pretty. It is not wise to spoil carefully-balled melons by adding in frozen blueberries which will only dye it all purple.  It’s also impossible to leave meatballs on the serving table, given my poorly-behaved cat — but she got only one meatball before I noticed. My excuse for all this is that it is not easy to cook for more than twenty people while also parenting a two-year-old. Fortunately, no one really cared.

Sophie has terrific friends. Only a few bouncy-balls got up on the roof, and there were no bubble disasters. No one got too moody, despite some competition for the MagnaDoodle and lego-knights and other astounding presents. Everyone enjoyed each other, I think.

Even Sophie had a great time, once she gave up looking for that airplane that will take her to London. She ended the evening playing a 45-minute-long game of opening and closing doors with her best friend Mila, a game that neither of them ever wanted to stop.


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