London Calling

I just booked our plane tickets to London and started to purchase air-plane toys too, to fortify Sophie and me for the 12-hour flight. I’m actually nervous and excited to be getting out of all our routines. Ever since Sophie was born, I think I’ve been so exhausted and overwhelmed that I rarely even plan weekends, beyond the tried-and-true going to the park or having a meal with friends — but now here I am planning this excursion overseas.

Lakes District weekend

Ben’s photos are making it seem a little rainy, though.

Lakes District weekend

He spent last weekend hiking in a hail-storm on a route that wasn’t technically rock-climbing, past sheep carcasses, because these British sheep apparently get stuck on the precipices.

I, on the other hand, spent last weekend at the playground. It’s clear who had the bigger adventure, but it’s not quite clear to me who had more fun.


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