The Separation

Every time Sophie sees an airplane, she asks if that’s the plane her daddy is on.

I don’t know whether I’d like her to forget that she misses her daddy so much or keep remembering it.

Meanwhile, Ben spent his first full Saturday in Britain exploring the bookstores of Cambridge, where he ended up buying way too many children’s books for Sophie.  He’s also been exploring pubs, sampling all the local beers, settling in, fighting a cold, and biking through the British countryside — but he’s missing Sophie so much that I’m almost not resentful that he gets 6 weeks baby-free time in Europe.

This morning when we skyped Ben, Sophie tried to push her legos through the computer-screen to him, so that he could play with her.

Really, she and I are fine — just a bit lonely. Yesterday we spent the whole morning at the park. In the afternoon, we went to a friend’s house for a few minutes and ended up staying four hours. Today, we went with some other friends to the sunday-morning farmer’s market that I hadn’t yet been to, and it turned out to be wonderfully better than the sunday-afternoon market that I do sometimes go to. Better food, but better yet: a playground next to the food stalls, which the kids loved almost as much as they loved the jazz-band next to the picnic tables. Watching Sophie dance to live music is one of the most wonderful things in the world. She does this butt-wiggle-crouch-thing, in addition to twirling and arm-waving and clapping her hands in a sideways motion. She turned her tupperware of dried cereal into a drum.  She did not want to leave, even though she had been almost falling asleep on my shoulder.

She’s been taking long aternoon naps, lately, and when she wakes up, she’s been in the kind of good mood that makes her urge me to open the curtains quickly so that she can enthusiastically shout, “Hi flowers!” It makes my single-parenting task almost do-able.


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