Weaning hurts.

Sophie’s doing fine with it. She’s clingy and she woke up three times last night, but at her first waking she actually called for Daddy instead of Momma. I think she understands that nursing is over.

Now someone just needs to tell my breasts that nursing is over. It feels like I have two hot lava rocks on my chest. It hurts to even have a cotton t-shirt brush against them. I went to yoga class, I’m wearing a sports bra, I took a warm shower. Pretty soon I’ll try a warm-pack that Sophie’s daycare teacher lent me. But ouch.

The only comfort is that this really can’t last more than a few days, can it? Everyone talks about the pain of childbirth, but no one told me about this.


3 responses to “Ouch

  1. Tracy

    I wish I had seen this post earlier…Pump, girl, pump! You shouldn’t have to hurt! You could get a plugged duct and really have issues! I hope you are okay today…

  2. elewinnek

    But, Tracy, if I pump, won’t I just be prolonging the pain? I want my body to figure out that nursing is over. Actually, I’m feeling much better today. My breats are two giant rocks, but at least they’re not volcanic rocks.

  3. ooooh–also, I think warmth will make it worse. Cool cabbage leaves seem weird, but I think that’s suggested too. Have you checked out http://www.kellymom.com for tips?

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