Sophie’s 25 Things

I have been resisting Facebook’s “25 Things,” partly because I’m suspicious of anything overly-popular, but mostly because I already listed 65 things in the “About” section of this blog, long before I ever used Facebook.

But I have also been feeling guilty about not doing it, since friends keep tagging me to do it, and since I honestly have enjoyed reading other people’s 25 things.

So here are 25 things about me, except in this case, the “me” is Sophie.

  1. My name is Sophie and I’m addicted to breast milk.
  2. I can jump.
  3. The English language still confuses me. Why are there separate words for “circle,” “round,” “bubble,” and “balloon”? I’m leading a new movement to simplify this language. Henceforth, everything circular will be called “ball.”
  4. I used to be a much more adventurous eater. Now, it’s bean burritos, chicken tamales, or nada.
  5. I just discovered that the big flat thing in the living-room can sometimes contain Elmo moving and talking and singing. Otherwise, that television is boring.
  6. Baths are good but getting your hair wet is NOT NOT NOT good at all.
  7. I am very fond of my bellybutton. I’ll show it to anyone who asks and some people who don’t ask.
  8. I’m not quite sure why Daycare Teacher says “Don’t spit,” but Daddy says, “That’s a funny noise! Do it again!”
  9. Why are there separate words for “hat” and “bike helmet”? “Bike hat,” now that I could understand, but what’s with this word “helmet”?
  10. I have my parents wrapped around my very-cute finger.
  11. My favorite things (other than bicycles and my own bellybutton) are choo-choo trains and the color pink. I have yet to see a pink choo-choo, though. That would be thrilling.
  12. Waaaaahhhhh aaargh!
  13. I’m not quite sure why I just had an outburst with #12. I’m kinda moody like that.
  14. “No, kitty, no” is one of my favorite things to say. Even when the kitty is yes.
  15. I can walk up the slide.
  16. I firmly believe that close attention must be paid whenever we encounter one of the following fascinating items: a flower, a motorcycle, a baby, an airplane, a bird, a kite, a kitty-cat, a button, a choo-choo train, a bug, a bicycle, or a person wearing a hat.
  17. I think I look good in hats.
  18. Actually, I think I look good almost all the time.
  19. I don’t want any help getting my socks on. Waaah arghhhhhhhh waaah. Okay, you can help me a little. Now stop. I’ll do it myself.
  20. If I have to wear shoes, I prefer wearing my shoes on the wrong feet.
  21. These are my best friends: Nevin, Macy, Mila, Chloe, my pink-and-white-socks, my kittycats, and, most especially, Blankie.
  22. Twenty-five things is a lot to come up with when you’ve only lived twenty-two months.
  23. Other foods that make me say “nummmmm”: hummus, canned beans, plain pasta with creamy yogurt, yogurt with wheat-germ, white rice, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, avocado, fish tacos, sometimes cereal, and donuts.
  24. I like to peel hardboiled eggs but not really eat them.
  25. Please draw me a picture of Elmo.

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