Mismatching cute

Sophie is getting her last few teeth in, we think.

She’s been tired and flu-ish, as you can probably see in that photo — but still adorable. That’s the train station, where Ben took her for a train-ride on Sunday morning so that I could get some rest and some paper-grading.

Ben got some good photos of her.

“Aww, so cutely mismatched,” strangers commented to me. “Did she dress herself this morning?”
“No,” I admitted. “Her dad dressed her.”
“Ahh, it’s the same thing.”

Update: The thing I probably didn’t make clear is that, while his wardrobe selections may not be traditional, they’re actually the cutest outfits ever. Consistently.

And I say that even though today, he sent her to daycare in duck-covered fleece pyjamas. They were clean pyjamas and cozy, and even our daycare teacher agrees that it was a good yet unconventional outfit.


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