So fast

Ben just uploaded some short videos of Sophie, partly so we can remember just how adoraby she launches herself onto adult chairs right now.

She’s changing so fast. Every Thursday morning we go to the song-and-story-time at the local library, where she clings to me and shyly watches the other children mimicking the eensie-weensie-spider. One week, she even cautioned me not to embarrass her by dancing in the library. (“No, mamma, no,” she whispered to me, shamefully.) Then last week, for the first time, she danced along to a library song.

She has figured out that when we’re at home, she can ask me to practice the library songs, so she’ll feel more confident in public. That’s what you see in this video, which also shows Sophie finally, after months of attempting it, finally figuring out how to jump. She’s so proud. I’m so proud.

But here’s Sophie’s best latest accomplishment: she told her first story. “Mamma chair uh-oh there.” It requires translation: at the next-door-neighbor’s house, about two months ago, Sophie was sitting on their baby-sized lawn chairs. They weren’t home, but Sophie likes visiting their yard, because the next-door-neighbor is a better flower gardener than I am. Sophie generously invited me to sit on one of the baby lawn-chairs, too. I told her I was too big, but she insisted, so, to demonstrate, I showed her how I couldn’t fit into the chair. And I broke the plastic. Sophie and I had to walk home, get some paper, write an apology note, find some tape, and tape it to the chair-pieces. Sophie found this hilarious.

She has not forgotten. “Uh-oh!” she says with glee, every time we pass that house. “Chair uh-oh.” That’s her cryptic story-telling. But “Mama chair uh-oh there,” is almost a complete sentence, with subject, almost-verb, and object. Can uh-oh be a verb? Well, it’s got setting, protagonist, action, denoument. Ben says she’s still going to be telling this story when she’s 80. She’s already remembered it for 2 months, now, which is almost an eternity, baby-wise.


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