Sophie is unusually good at sharing her toys, but sometimes the only ones she can find to share with are the cats.

This morning she chased one of our cats with balloons. While the cat cowered under a bed, Sophie towered over her, gigglingly knocking two helium-balloons together, creating a static that terrified the cat, all while trying to convince that cat that balloons are a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I found the other cat straining to go back to sleep while Sophie kept piling up toys around her. Sophie had placed two bouncy balls, one plastic dinosaur, a pair of boots, and a ballpoint pen next to the cat. She was trying hard to put the pen into the cat’s paw so that the two of them could color together. The cat gave me a hilarious look of suffering.

I’m actually perversely proud of Sophie’s instinctual sharing. She has a ways to go until she perfects her social skills by recognizing that not every one (or every cat) necessarily loves exactly what she loves. But that’s a social skill that even many adults lack. Until Sophie gets a little more empathy, I’m afraid my poor cats are going to keep having to flee Sophie, or suffer the indignities of being repeatedly offered helium balloons and ballpoint pens.

Update: Today, Sophie generously tried to brush the cat’s teeth with an electric toothbrush.

Poor cat.


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