Renaming Sophie?

Sometimes there are three Sophies on the playground at once. It was only the 89th-most-popular name last year, which seemed safely out of the mainstream, but we didn’t fully consider that “Sophia” is 6th-most-popular, and, in the state of California, “Sophia” is the 3rd-most-popular name for baby girls. (I found that all out here.) Here in our town, it feels like the most popular. It is the “Meghan” of our time. We had no idea we were so trendy.

Being trendy makes me uncomfortable.

When Sophie refers to herself, she calls herself “Baby.” She’ll turn around when we say “Sophie,” but I think that to her “Sophie” only means “Hey, you, pay attention,” while “Baby” is her true name. Her possessions are “Baby,” her room is “Baby,” and anything small and cute is also, to her, “Baby.”

So we’ve started experimenting with nicknames.

Before Sophie was born, before we even knew whether she was a girl or a boy, we called her “Jupiter,” to name the planet growing in my belly. I know that in Roman mythology, “Jupiter” is a male god and a kind of martial one, but still, somehow, it fits. Or “Jupies” fits. At least for now.

Any other suggestions, dear readers?


2 responses to “Renaming Sophie?

  1. e961

    There were once five Davids in a Mason-Rice class. There were only three in the Boston Lying-In nursery. Ask your brother if it made any difference. I like David and Sophie.

  2. bencycles

    Being uncomfortable with your trendiness is, I’m afraid, in itself trendy.

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