Sophie’s latest hobbies

Putting trash in the trashcan. I think sometimes she asks me to peel a clementine just so she can take the peel, declare it “Trash,” and carry it to the can. This makes her incredibly happy.

Naming body-parts. She is especially interested in confirming that everyone else also has a bellybutton. 

Watching motorcycles. I don’t know why. Trucks, buses, and airplanes also thrill her. She is still interested in birds, the moon, and all bicycles, but I’m afraid that in her view, they don’t make quite as satisfying a noise as motorcycles.

Watching other children warily, then, once she feels comfortable, running around aimlessly while giggling the cutest giggle ever.

Putting her dolls and stuffed animals to sleep. She tucks them in, kisses them, then turns to me and says, “Shhhh. Baby.” A minute later, she’ll be making some rambunctious noise, just so she can pretend to tuck them in again.



One response to “Sophie’s latest hobbies

  1. e961

    Not wishing to fall asleep may be a sign of great and deep curiosity about the world and its people.

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