Signs of a California Baby

When she sees puffy round white objects in the sky (clouds), she thinks their name is “moon”. Apparently, that’s how rare clouds are around here.

She likes to put on sunscreen for fun. She’s very serious about it.

She’s bilingual. When we want her to wash her hands, we sing, “Lava lava lava las manos.”

She likes to play the game spot-the-ocean-from-the-car-window. 

Her favorite food right now is bean burritos. It used to be avocados. Before that it was tofu. I swear I’m not making this up. She’s a California girl through and through.

She likes yoga.

Although neither Ben nor I is blonde (in fact, Ben is so dark that one person in Texas thought he was black), Sophie has blonde hair, very blonde hair with extra-blonde streaks in it. She has what my sister-in-law calls $250-and-two-hours highlights

She loves talking on a cell-phone.

She absolutely fundamentally refuses to wear mittens, but she has no problem with sunhats.

She likes to show other people her bellybutton. Oh, wait, maybe that last one is true of all babies, not just California girls.

I’ll  probably think of more and add it later.


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