Sophie’s Scariest Habit

When Sophie is a little mad, she lashes out, hitting whatever is near her.

We tell her no hitting. We tell her, use your words.

She gives us this look of maybe-comprehension, and she stops hitting the book or my leg or whatever it was that she was lashing out at. Instead, she turns her anger inward and hits her own head. That is her scariest habit.

When Sophie is very mad, she just starts off with this hitting-herself-in-the-head thing. She even says “Ow,” but then she keeps on doing it, hitting her own head, hurting herself on purpose.

Are all 18-month-olds just a little insane?


4 responses to “Sophie’s Scariest Habit

  1. alarocca

    My only suggestion about any kind of hitting, you may have tried this already, is to immediately change her environment (if possible). Bring her outside if she’s inside or vv. Take her to another room. Have a bath in the middle of the day. It’s the “whatever works” theory of parenting, usually practiced on the child #2+. FWIW.

  2. amysilverman

    i do believe that all 18 month olds are a little insane!

    you have the book “when sophie gets angry,” right? it’s one of our favorites!

  3. elewinnek

    I just ordered that book. Thanks for the suggestion, Amy! Another friend just suggested teaching Sophie to stomp her feet in anger. Right now, I just hug her until she stops hurting herself. I’m pretty sure this will pass — another friend tells me it is normal toddler behavior — but still, it scares me.

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