What Makes Sophie Giggle

Playing catch with a half-deflated helium balloon, I butted it with my head, and she laughed so uproariously that Ben and I spent a whole ten minutes head-butting that balloon.

Then I told our friend B that lately Sophie likes to dance by tilting her head slowly to one side, then the other. “Like this?” B said, and Sophie spotted her and collapsed in giggles, before standing up again to dance with B, as they both slowly tilted their heads to the hilarious music that only they could hear.

So I thought I’d make this blog more cheerful by listing what else makes Sophie giggle lately.

  • Scrambling under the bedspread in a home-made fort.
  • Pretending that I’m about to monster-gobble up her favorite ball.
  • Waddle-running away from me, looking over her shoulder, waiting for me to say, “I’mmmmmm gonna catch you. I’mmmmmmm gonna tickle you.”
  • Going down the fast tunnel-slide by herself.
  • Pouring water from one cup to another. Or sand. 
  • Wearing pyjamas with feet on them. “Shoes,” she says, and keeps trying to put on those pyjama-shoes over her clothes. She really likes shoes, but we haven’t yet convinced her that her cutest shoes of all are her Ugg boots — for some reason she doesn’t like wearing her adorable boots. She does like wearing tights, though. She’s still a girly-girl.
  • Watching trucks (which she calls “ducks”) or trains (which she calls “choo-choo”).
  • Pretend-reading my books. She already thinks she’s too old for baby books. Lately, she’s been pulling David Mitchell and Alice Munro and Jeanette Winterson off the shelves, especially Jeanette Winterson, causing me to fantasize about how long it will be until she can actually enjoy those books. 
  • Drinking “Momma wawa”, which is usually my milky chai tea. I realize that a girl her age shouldn’t be having tea, but it’s mostly warm milk, and she really loves sipping it. She doesn’t understand why she can’t also drink “Daddy wawa”, which is usually not water at all, but coffee or beer. 

She’s at that age when she wants to do whatever we’re doing. When I mop the floor, she wants to hold the mop, and then she gets immensely frustrated that it’s not so easy to drag the mop over the carpet. But our floor gets mostly clean and she gets satisfied. She even has a little cooking set-up in the corner of the kitchen, so she can cook while I cook. She loves being helpful. Yesterday at the park, we played carry-the-stones-back-to-the-landscaping-pile-they-belong-in and she grew sadly disappointed when we had finished and there were no more stones to clean up. She’s a great kid. 

Now I only have to get her to eat dinner when we do.


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