Ben’s freakish elbow

Just when Ben got well enough to bike again, he dislocated his left elbow in a bicycle accident. Dislocated left elbow

That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. 

Sophie is still trying to climb onto her Daddy’s lap, despite the shoulder-to-wrist cast that now turns his arm into a giant club. Sophie’s biggest panic was after we met him in the emergency room, we let the doctors wheel him away for x-rays and then “reduction.” Sophie just couldn’t believe that we were going to let Daddy out of our sight when he was so clearly hurt. “Daddy,” she screamed, “Daddddddyyy!” Nurses came over to see what was wrong with my baby. For future reference: if you can ever avoid taking a toddler to the emergency room, then do. It wasn’t a pleasant few hours.

The rest of the week has been a process of Ben learning how to parent one-handed. I had to work late Tuesday, so a neighbor came over to help him get Sophie to bed. It’s well-nigh impossible to bathe a toddler one-handed. But he did it, with the neighbor’s help. Got her out of her car-seat, cooked her dinner, got her in her high-chair, then playtime and bathtime and bedtime, all one-armed. It was impressive, but it’s not a repeatable feat. Ben’s hand got so swollen, his normally-thin fingers looked like sausages. And I’m still cleaning up the kitchen.

Thank goodness that next week is Thanksgiving vacation.


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