More New Sophie Skills

Yesterday, she took her toy cars and drove them up and down her Dad’s back while making “vroom vroom” noises. Today, she insisted on pushing her friend’s swing, and then her friend’s stroller — until the two of them decided that what they really wanted to do was walk while holding hands. Then they attempted to hug and actually knocked each other over on the sidewalk: it wasn’t all a cute warm-fuzzy moment. Still, I am amazed at my daughter’s ability to play so well with others.

Then today we had lunch at her Dad’s work cafeteria, where she not only waved hello to everybody, she also mastered drinking from her first juice-box-size-thing of milk, and even mastered putting the straw in and out of the little straw-hole in her milk-box-thing. Where does she get such great fine-motor skills? 

I guess this is normal development: I am bowled over by the tiny little things that she didn’t used to be able to do, but now she does.

Maia says that Sophie’s babbling absolutely mimics the melody of my voice.


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