I’m obsessed with Sarah Palin

I can’t stop thinking about Sarah Palin. I realize that Barack Obama believes quite nobly that families shouldn’t be discussed in political campaigns – but I still think that families are political. I realize that many Palin-defenders claim she’s being subject to an unfeminist double-standard that overanalyzes her personal choices, when feminsm should be all about women’s rights to make choices — but I think that someone whose politics include imposing her choices on others (against abortion, against full sex-ed) doesn’t get to also hide behind the mantle of free choice. And so I still keep wondering:


  • How can someone support abstinence-only education, when the evidence shows it doesn’t work AND her own teenage daughter shows it doesn’t work?
  • How can someone be pro-life when she apparently boarded a plane while in labor, endangering the life of her special-needs baby? How can someone go back to work 3 days after that special-needs baby is born? What will Palin’s politics about parental leave be? momsrising.org actually has a petition you can sign, asking Palin where she stands on issues like parental leave and healthcare for kids, since no one really knows her stance on these mom-crucial political issues.
  • How can anyone run a national campaign with a 5-month-old?
  • How can anyone seriously believe that creationism should be taught, that humans don’t cause global warming, and that Hillary supporters will support her?

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