Daddy’s Girl

Here is Sophie, holding Ben’s skate-board-wheel, standing in front of Ben’s surfboards, and wearing a temporary tattoo that Ben gave her.

DPP_1012, originally uploaded by Ben Love.

She spent all of today with Ben because, for a change, I had to go to work and he didn’t. He took her to the toddler-open-gymnastics romp at our local Y, and then out for fish tacos, and then — this part was brilliant of him — he took her shoe-shopping, since trying on shoes is one of her favorite things to do. Usually she’s just grabbing other kids’ dirty shoes at the park. I never thought to take her shoe-shopping, where she can try on clean shoes to her heart’s delight. They ended the day at the beach, both covered in sand.

And I ended the day with new sympathy for Ben. It’s hard to work all day, then come home to a tired happy family who just want to play all evening, without a break.


One response to “Daddy’s Girl

  1. alarocca

    Hi Elaine,
    I enjoy reading your blog! Not sure if it’s ok to put your link on my blogroll. Since my blog is fed to, it might be read by more than a handful of my friends. I won’t put your link on my blog unless you give permission.


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