Do you think it’s possible for a baby to eat too many blueberries? Sophie loves the way frozen blueberries feel on her teething gums. She loves the sweet way they burst in her mouth. She loves, I think, the way they turn everything purply-blue. She asks for frozen blueberries at every meal, and really every time she passes our freezer. She knows they live in there, and she’s trying hard to open the freezer to get them out herself. The other day, she saw me put them in the grocery-cart, and she threw her first grocery-store tantrum because I wouldn’t let her eat them right there and then. (They’re too messy for grocery-store eating. Trust me.)

We try not to let her eat more than one measuring-cup-full of frozen blueberries at a sitting. We try to steer her to frozen blackberries and strawberries and peach and pineapple – and fresh foods too. I try to get her to eat dairy and protein and carbs, not just fruit. But she’s been on a frozen-blueberry kick all week. She’s eating lots of everything, lately, her cute little belly is getting swollen out like one of America’s founding fathers — but mostly she’s eating frozen blueberries.

DPP_1011, originally uploaded by Ben Love.


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