Danger Baby

We just spent one last wonderful summer weekend in Big Bear. I’m not sure whether Sophie is astoundingly courageous or just absolutely ignorant of the idea of danger — or maybe both, and probably the appropriate label is just a typical toddler. She’s pretty darn cute, though, and managed to get through the weekend with only one skinned knee.



She loves B&C’s cabin and B&C themselves. The air smells so good up there, the views are incredibly calming, the food is decadent, but, in addition to those adult delights, what Sophie really likes is that the stairs are carpeted.


While we were there, Ben won his bike-race overall for the season. He’s got his own description of it here.

Sophie wanted to race too. P1000205

She also got to enjoy her first boat ride, out on Big Bear Lake. P1000146

Okay, maybe “enjoy” is too strong a word. She hated that infant life-jacket. But eventually she couldn’t resist her delight in the waves and ducks and fish and sky and all that wind in her hair. P1000153

Here she is at Ben’s mountain-bike-race, covered in dirt and watermelon.

And here she is exhausted on the drive home.


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