End of Summer

I’m trying to teach Sophie words, but she tends to mis-define things. For instance, I’ve been tapping myself and saying “Mommy” — and now apparently Sophie thinks that “Mommy” means “tapping.” At least, she only says “Mommy” when she is tapping. It’s almost cute.

She has started hitting, now, hitting us and then looking to see how we’ll react. Sometimes she even hits herself, then checks for our reaction. This may be the beginning of the terrible twos. So far, it’s not so bad: it just means we have to keep correcting her, which isn’t terrible, it’s just parenting.

She does have some positive new skills, though. This morning, she put her puzzle-pieces into her puzzle on her own, and she was so proud. This morning, she also climbed onto our bed all by herself, and played peek-a-boo with the cat under the sheets while I was attempting to change the sheets. Any chore takes longer with Sophie around, but it also often becomes more fun. Sophie was squealing with delight every single time she relocated our cat under those sheets.

I’m a little afraid of school starting in two weeks, because I will no longer have these leisurely mornings with her, at least not on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know I can’t complain – I get to work from home three days a week – but still, I had been anticipating an easier schedule this fall. I was planning to begin teaching at 11am, but one of my classes was under-enrolled, so I have to teach an extra class that requires me to be there at 9:30. This would be nothing to complain about except that it’s a 70-mile drive with bad traffic before 9am It’s SoCal bad traffic, which is orders-of-magnitude worse than anywhere else I’ve lived. There will be whole hours of going less than 10mph. So mornings are going to be hectic for the fall semester. And days are going to be long: getting Sophie up and dressed and fed, getting the house neatened and plants watered, getting Sophie to daycare, getting myself to work on time, teaching a very long day, getting home, picking Sophie up, making dinner, enjoying Sophie for a brief play-time and then getting Sophie to bed suddenly seems like something that will be hard to do, at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That’s not even mentioning the work of planning classes, grading papers, dealing with administrative tasks, finishing my own research, or getting enough sleep. It’s a typical story, I know, but it shouldn’t be this hard, especially not given how flexible my work schedule truly is.

In other news: last night, marauding teenagers knocked our mailbox down, so now we have something else we have to shop for when we break our buy-nothing pledge. It was an old mailbox, it probably would have needed replacing in a few years anyway, but still, I’m disappointed to think that I live near people who get pleasure from destroying mailboxes. I’d much rather focus on Sophie and the cat joyously playing peek-a-boo together on our half-made bed.


One response to “End of Summer

  1. bencycles

    With all that work you need to do to prepare for classes, how do you find the time to blog so much?

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