What Not to Wear

Yesterday evening, Ben answered the door when someone came by trying to sell us a new telephone plan. She looked at him, wearing his loungewear outfit (board shorts), and said, “Are your parents home?”

Ben was actually pleased. He told me to blog about it.

Then today, I read my students’ evaluations of last semester’s classes. They’re overwhelmingly positive, and I should be thinking about that positive stuff (“fabulous, life-changing, should be required of every single student, quirky, interesting, the only class I’ve ever felt comfortable talking in, made me look at things from new perspectives, made me want to change my major…). But I don’t think about that, much. I could think about the stuff that balances itself out: too much work, says one student, but another says it was actually too little. What I end up obsessing over, really, is that two students were bored. And one was so bored that this is what she wrote:

She was a good teacher and was very enthusiastic about what she was talking about. The subject matter was boring which made it hard to pay attention. She definitely needs a new wardrobe. Would you be offended if I nominated you for What not to Wear?

For the record, I would be; I am offended. But also intrigued. Contestants get a $5000 free wardrobe, I believe. If any one of my blog-readers wants to nominate me, go ahead.


One response to “What Not to Wear

  1. alarocca

    I love the way you dress, but have to admit it would be quite fun to see someone I know on WNTW. About the BNC, yes it’s a little arbitrary, but I like to think that people are trying it and spreading the word that how you spend your $ matters. Voting with your dollars adds up. Shopping is important! I feel a post coming on…
    -Anna B

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