I’m going to try the buy-nothing challenge for the month of August, at least what’s left of the month of August.

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2008

Ironically, I already had to buy some things in preparation: Happy Heinys diaper covers for Sophie, and lunapads for me. But I have decided that those are permittable purchases, since they are re-usable environmental tools that will save money in the longrun — and perhaps help toilet-train Sophie quicker in the shortrun. A mom can hope.

We’re allowed to buy groceries, and to get our haircut, but not other salon services. There’s really nothing else that I think I need all month — though I’ll miss going out to eat occasionally. Ben will grumble, too, I think, but it’s only me who’s trying the buy-nothing challenge.

I believe diets never really work, since people just binge-eat before and after – but I’m hoping that this won’t be quite like a diet. I’m hoping it will be more like a yoga retreat, which does work, maybe, to instill new habits and new consciousness. We’ll see.

I haven’t decided which services (beyond haircuts) will fall under my buy-nothing rubric. Honestly, I bought a yoga class, this morning, just before joining this buy-nothing challenge. I can’t easily cancel our garbage pick-up or electricity, but I could cancel our netflix. has season four of The Office available for free, anyway, and that’s really all I need. But actually I suspect that this buy-nothing challenge will teach me not to blithely make claims about what I really need.


One response to “Buy-Nothing

  1. alarocca

    Hi Elaine,
    Wonderful that you’re doing the Buy Nothing Challenge. In case you need a back up for the lunapads, Crunchy Chicken offers
    You will be inspiring me to keep to the BNC. It’s the eating out thing that is hard to resist!

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