Some Lovely Things

At our local diner, Sophie lay down on the mat in front of the coffee-bar, the better to play tickle-wrestling with Donna, who is the coffee-bar-waitress and one of Sophie’s favorite people. The people waiting in line for their morning doses of caffeine just smiled. “I can wait for my coffee,” one person said, “It’s worth it to watch your daughter giggle.” Things like that make me love our laid-back town.

Here’s another lovely thing: On our local freecycle, we received a free baby swing this week that is perfect for the tree in our front yard, AND a free sea-foam-colored rug that Ben has insisted on putting in the garage (Ben’s favorite room — I have to admit, the rug does look good there), AND, the coup de grace, a free Oriental rug. It’s pretty amazing.

We also gave away a freezer this week on freecycle. Our friend Dan had given it to us, for holding kegs, but neither we nor Dan have many keg parties lately — so we gave it away. The person who took it off our hands wanted it for her husband, who is fighting in Falluja right now. He’s always dreamed of a spare freezer, apparently, and now she gets to surprise him with this when he returns. Giving away the freezer may have felt even better than getting the oriental rug.

The final lovely thing is that we have gotten through almost our entire long to-do-list, all mostly in this one weekend. Hang the new baby swing. Turn compost. Plant lavender, rosemary, irises, and that odd orange-stick desert-plant that I bought on a whim. Weed. Get rid of the giant tree-trunks from the sick trees I cut last week. Put up hooks in the garage for mops & brooms & hats too. Straighten up the garage. Erect our wonderful new tree-like clothes-dryer-line-thingy. Move the curtain-rod from the living-room to Sophie’s room (I’m hoping that a darker curtain will help her sleep past 6 am). Repaint over the curtain-rod-screw-wounds in the living room. Move the woodpile from under the new baby swing. Disable the automatic fan in Sophie’s bathroom. Rehang the door to our bedroom. Evict the spiders from the patio. Evict the ants from Sophie’s bedroom. Give away the outgrown baby stuff in the garage. Give away the spare freezer. Attack the giant blue bush. All that, and Ben also got to help our friends B&C lay new patio stones. And we had enough trips to the park and to friends and such that it still felt like a weekend, somewhat — though not quite a party-filled weekend. We will soon have been homeowners for a full year. It’s just starting to feel like something we can do.

Also this weekend, Ben got more of his great Japan photos up on flickr. Soon to come: movies of Sophie.


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