Recovery Week

It’s been a recovery week, since Ben got back from his exhausting trip to Japan, and I got relief from my exhausting stint as a single parent. How do single parents do it?

I didn’t even feel the earthquake on Tuesday, but it shook the books off the shelves at my university library (an hour away from here), and university offices closed early for the day.

I don’t go to campus much in the summers, so I loaned my office to one of the secretaries who just returned from maternity leave and needed a private space to pump milk. It’s ridiculous that there’s not a public space for this, on a campus as big as ours, but there’s not. Before I was a parent, it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to offer the secretary my office. But since I did offer, this secretary cleaned up my office for me after the earthquake. Very convenient.

Sophie is babbling beautifully. Wednesday, Ben went for a mountain-bike ride that kept him gone till after her bedtime, and she just kept walking to the front door and saying, “Daddy?” So Thursday morning he took her out to breakfast, deciding that spending time with Sophie was more important than getting to work on time. It was adorable.

Today he dressed her with striped leg-warmers on her arms, and when I tried to put on a more comfortable sweatshirt, she insisted on keeping the Daddy Fashion.

We’ve been planting lavender and rosemary in our garden, along with a new baby-swing and a laundry-drying tree that I’m excited to use. Lots of little house-projects that I hope will be good for the environment in the long-run. I’m usually dubious of shopping for the environment – after all, it’s still shopping. So often, it just seems like greenwashing, justifying something that’s really not necessary. But I’m happy with my greenshopping lately. We even signed up to receive a weekly box of locally-grown organic vegetables, to be picked up every Friday afternoon at the playground on the beach. I’m looking forward to that especially.

Click on the photos sidebar to see Ben’s pictures of Japan. More will come soon, when he gets time to upload them.


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