Popular Baby

This morning at baby-signing class, another mom said, “It doesn’t matter where I sit, my baby will end up following Sophie around.” And I realized that all the mobile children in that class spend a fair amount of time following Sophie around. She’s not the giggliest, or the oldest, or even the most active, but she comes in second in all those categories, and she may be the most confident. She’s also probably the best at sharing whatever she is taking joy in. At this age, being the best at sharing is like being the tallest midget. She shares only about two-thirds of the time; she’s still got lots of room to improve her manners. Still, I’m a little intimidated by my own baby’s popularity.

Today at the library, she took a bookend off the shelf and delivered it to a stranger with great ceremony. She perched on another baby’s stroller, examined that baby’s toy fish, then generously offered the fish back to its owner. She charms everyone with this deceptive generosity. We’re already worried about her teen years.

DPP_2007, originally uploaded by Ben Love.


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