Giggly baby

This was Sophie’s morning: she woke up at 5:30 and giggled her way through the morning nursing that sometimes gets her to go back to sleep at least until after 6 am. So I took her to our bed, where she giggled her way around, especially enjoying that she can flop backwards in the bed, and especially eager to pet the cat. Stripey tolerates being treated as Sophie’s pillow.

Ben changed her diaper & got her in warm morning clothes while I snuck an extra 5 minutes of sleep. Then I showed her the thrill of grinding coffee beans while Ben took a shower. Really, she is thrilled by the noisy, exciting machine. Ben and I joke that it’s tough to tell if she’s a happy baby, especially at moments like this morning, when she was clapping her hands, raspberry-kissing our shoulders, and laughing. She likes to lean from one to the other of us, taking turns being in my arms, then Ben’s, then my arms again.

She decided to decorate the living room with her colorful set of stacking cups and spent a while arranging & rearranging them to her liking, settling with 2 on the coffee-table, one on her little chair, and one tucked under the couch. Sophie walks like a penguin, these days, waddling with her hands pointed out behind her. At first she was walking totteringly like a drunk, then like an old person careful not to fall, and then like a zombie, stiff-legged, with her arms out straight in front of her. She has now progressed to an incredibly-adorable penguin-waddly walk.

As soon as Ben got his bicycle out, she started waving goodbye to him, because she enjoys the say-goodbye-to-Daddy routine: she gets to try on his bike-helmet, then he puts the helmet on his own head and bikes away around the corner, while we hurry across the yard in order to keep him in view as long as possible. She waves for a good five minutes, while repeatedly saying “Daddy,” which was cuter back when she didn’t also call everything else “Daddy.” This morning, the routine got even more exciting, because she got to watch him put air into his bicycle tires before biking away.

After she ate a full serving of baby-muesli (unusual for our tiny baby), she spent a while exploring the grotesquely large zucchini that is currently the centerpiece of our kitchen-table. We went out to water the plants, as neighbor after neighbor drove by, honking and waving at Sophie. Everyone knows her. She started waving so enthusiastically at the schoolbus that parks across from our house that the schoolbus driver gave her a personal tour. She liked sitting in the schoolbus seats, but wisely refused to touch the schoolbus floor with her bare toes.

I caught her yawning, so we went on our morning walk, discussing flowers & birds & mailboxes, and by then it was 8am, but she wasn’t ready to nap. She picked a bougainvillea flower and decided that the best place to put it would be inside the clothes-dryer. She likes the look of red on white. She investigated her toys, then  explored the door to the clothes-dryer some more.  All this before going off to daycare at 9am.

In the time before Sophie, all I would have had to report for this morning is that the electricity went out. She enlarges my life. And absorbs so much of my attention, but usually in a good way. Now I need to shift back into gear for academic work.


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