A Baby’s Social Life

Sophie got a rash on Monday and refused to eat, so I took her to the doctor. It turns out it was just a virus that’s already on its way out, but it had led to another ear infection, so she’s back on antibiotics now. Third ear infection in 13 months. I don’t know if that’s excessive or not.

But what makes me feel better is thinking about an 18-month-old we met last week at the cardiologists’ waiting room. That older girl didn’t know what to do when Sophie tossed her a ball and passed her a book. This 18-month-old hadn’t ever interacted with other children, her grandma said. She had no cousins, so there was no one to interact with. This baffles me. No playground, no supermarket, no church, no daycare,  no family-friendly restaurants, no playdates, no baby-signing-class, no library story-time, no toddler gym at the Y. I realize that most of that list may be unique to upper-middle-class anxious parenting, but doesn’t everyone have to go to the supermarket?

Sophie sees a lot of other babies in any given day. Sophie knows how to play with others, and I like that about her, even though it means that she also gets all these ear infections.

All the baby books say that babies won’t interact until they’re 2 years old, but Sophie plays catch and tag and burbling-talk with almost any child she meets. She likes to pass out food. She’s like her mom, in that way.

In other Sophie news, she said her first two-syllable word yesterday: “Bubbles.”


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