Our Athletic Achievements

Sophie started walking on Friday. She’s been walking-while-holding-hands for weeks now, and she’s been cruising around holding on to furniture for months, it seems, but Friday was her first true independent walking. Once she even looked at a coffee-table, looked at her hand, looked at the coffee-table, clearly decided not to hold on to the table, and tottered forwards a step or two farther before falling. It’s adorable. For her, it seems, the secret to walking is all in her attitude towards falling. She falls every five or six feet, looks around curiously, then picks herself up again and keeps going. It’s a wonderful attitude. I want to have the same approach to all my little failures & bumps.

I need that attitude because I have a new sport, too: hula-hoop dancing. It’s a sport, really it is. We meet in the park, and we get good abs & attitude.

Our other new sport is variations on my oldest sport, bicycling. I’ve been bicycling Sophie the mile or two to daycare all week. Today I biked her four miles to a festival in a park, then over to Sarah & Vinton’s and back home. This is harder than it sounds because of all the steep hills around here. Also because Sophie doesn’t like sitting still, even in the bike-trailer, but I have discovered that she enjoys it more if I let her wear her tiny plastic sunglasses, of which she is quite proud.

The other biking variation that I’m about to try is mountain-biking. Ben just helped me buy a mountain-bike this evening. We got a great deal on a barely-used bike that Ben found on Craig’s List. He’s in the garage now tricking it out with the tires he won in last week’s race, and better pedals and longer handle-bar-stem and a beautiful handlebar. I’ve never actually mountain-biked, but I’m willing to try, if only to see more of the wilderness around here, and get out with my husband & baby.


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