Quick Baby-Food Recipes

We love Annabel Karmel’s cookbook but we don’t always have time to cook homemade lentil soup. So here is what we have discovered for quick baby food:

  • small cubes of tofu
  • small cubes of cheese
  • canned white beans, pushed through her baby strainer, & mixed with yogurt. This is one of her favorite meals
  • homemade refried beans (I make tortillas for us, & just give beans & cheese & small tortilla pieces to Sophie)
  • canned pumpkin or sweet potato, mixed with orange juice & a little cinnamon
  • plain cream-on-top yogurt
  • hummus
  • avocado, scooped out with a baby spoon
  • guacamole
  • banana
  • chunks of chicken (trader joe’s sells a canned chicken, like tunafish, making it particularly easy to serve)
  • chunks of salmon (whenever we make some for us, we try to save extra for a baby-meal for later)
  • whatever we’re eating, mixed with yogurt if it’s spicy. Sophie even likes chili if there’s enough yogurt mixed in. What she especially likes are bean-soups, and any stew.
  • any homemade pasta salad (she loves picking up the pasta herself, but when she was younger, what she liked was pasta&tomato-sauce, pureed through her baby strainer)
  • scrambled egg. Even better if it’s an omelet, with some spinach & mushroom & cheese & stuff. You’re not supposed to give babies egg until they’re 12 months old, but we started Sophie on egg earlier, because there was a while when she wouldn’t eat much at all other than egg & tofu & avocado & milk. She was fine with egg at 9 months.
  • cream-of-wheat
  • any low-sugar cereal, soaked in lots of milk

That’s pretty much the bulk of what Sophie eats, along with trying out whatever we’re eating.

Any other suggestions? Post them in the comments, and collectively we’ll be aiding all new parents.


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