Kaleidoscope Eyes

The way Sophie’s light-red hair curls on the back of her neck is enough to melt my heart. You all can see in Ben’s pictures that she has giant blue eyes that are sparkling, kaleidoscopic pinwheels – but you can’t see how good she smells (like pure sweet cream) or how her giggles ring.

I don’t want this blog to become all sentimental gushing, but now that I have finally gotten some sleep, I can’t help wanting to post this little gushiness. You should see her giggling exploring, studiously examining, generously connecting.

Yesterday Ben trimmed the tree in our front yard, saving the wood for the outdoor fireplace that we’ll eventually get, and setting up one perfect branch for Sophie’s future swing. Today he’s planting hop-vines for his beer-making. We just got back from the beach birthday party of a one-year-old friend, where others, too, were talking about the joys of gardening & baby’s smiles. This probably all sounds hopelessly suburban, and I guess it is, but it is also a joy.


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