Cream versus Cream Cheese

You, dear readers (there are 27 of you) can help settle an argument. I just made ice-cream, because I went orange-and-lemon-picking again today and had a lot of lemons, and lemon ice cream is tasty. But I hadn’t planned on having lemons or wanting to make ice cream, so I had no cream in the house. So I substituted cream cheese.

Ben thinks this is hilarious. Ben declares that it’s a good thing I’m not a chemist.

But I don’t think that it’s so silly. My recipe called for cream & buttermilk. That’s really just milk, fat, and something tangy. And cream cheese is made of milk, fat, and something tangy, right? It’s not really so liquidy, though, that was a problem, although I did heat it up in the lemon-sugar-water mixture to encourage it to melt. It didn’t fully melt, so I just mushed it around, but there wasn’t so much of it anyway (we were low on cream cheese) – so I also used milk and butter.

Yes, even I know that milk plus butter does not equal buttermilk. But it does equal fatty milk, and that’s all that cream is, right?

My ice cream is very tasty, by the way, despite the cream-cheese chunks. Even Ben concedes that, while laughing at me.


3 responses to “Cream versus Cream Cheese

  1. hydroginator

    Hey Elaine, maybe you should try creamed corn next time…

  2. shanalyns

    I think it’s totally fine.

    Dave says he is appalled and believes that recipes should be followed or at least changed according to a mathematically sound formula that preserves the moisture balance of the dish.

    Shocking, huh? 🙂

  3. tearnshaw

    Just don’t try to make cheesecake, please!

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