Pearl the landlord

Will Ferrell made a video with a one-year-old girl called
Pearl the Landlord

What’s even funnier than the actual video is
the outtakes

The outtakes reminds me of Sophie, somehow. Maybe it’s how that girl is so much more interested in hitting rocks together than in anything that the adults want her to do.

I found this thanks to my sister-in-law’s blog, which is how I find most funny online videos. Shana, my sister-in-law, was surprised that directing a toddler is so much like herding cats. I think she hasn’t tried to change Sophie’s diaper.

Bill O’Reilly apparently thinks this video is child abuse, but I’m not sure. We already let Sophie carry Ben’s beer bottles around the house (briefly), and now that Ben has watched this video, he thinks it would be fun to teach Soph to say, “Gimme my money, bitch.” I don’t know.


One response to “Pearl the landlord

  1. did Will Ferrell do this landlord skit specifically for online viewing?

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