Sarah Vinton Wisdom

Babies enjoy being hogtied, Ben told me today, and we would never have known this if we didn’t know Sarah & Vinton. (Not actually hogtied, of course — just picked up by their hands & feet at once, while squealing.) We met Sarah & Vinton and their baby at Target about six months ago, and we have learned a great deal from them since. Here’s a partial list:

– babies enjoy being hogtied

– rollerderby still exists

– online coupons are worth searching for

– salmon is really tasty when marinated in white wine

– it’s possible to tell your baby when she’s acting redonculous

– ignoring the sleepbooks and putting your baby to bed at 8 instead of 7pm can be a good thing

– ignoring the “ignore-the-clock” lactivists and putting your six-month-old on a regular nursing schedule can be a very good thing

– “Thumbkin,” “Willaby wallaby woo,” “I see your heinie,” and many, many other baby songs

– the orange-footed ceramic frog in their neighbor’s garbage would look superb in our backyard

– Honey’s is the best brunch place in Encinitas

– the ambrosia salad at Seaside market is indeed ambrosial

– skateboarding is a good alternative to surfing because skate-parks have more flexible hours than waves, and often Ben has to do baby-care when the tides & winds & waves are right — but concrete surfing hurts a lot more.

That’s only a partial list. I’m going to keep adding to it as I keep realizing more things we’ve learned from Sarah & Vinton. It’s a pretty amazing list, really.


One response to “Sarah Vinton Wisdom

  1. vslp

    Okay! Here is list of things we have learned from you two.
    -The textbook name for sheeple is hegemony
    -skateboarding for 23 years in no way prepares you for mountain biking
    -mandatory volunteerism (huh?)
    -Chemists make great brewers
    -Stripes, polka dots, flowers, and even skulls can be worn all together as long as they are in the same color family
    -babies learn from watching other babies (this is why ours squeals and does raspberries)
    -There are ivy league public schools
    -dancing like gumby makes babies laugh
    and much, much, more!!!!

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